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  • 4502 Casey Road Brawley, CA 92227
  • (760) 344 2494

Eighth Grade

Mr. Smith TeacherEighth grade students are at the threshold of the next step in life. They will face a challenging environment in order to allow them to achieve success upon matriculation to high school. Their journey through their eighth grade year will include the study of Algebra, Literature, Advanced Writing, Physical Science, and US History. They will also study specialty areas such as the U.S. Constitution and college research papers.  The junior high students, especially the 8th grade, are counted on to be roll models for our student body.  Consequently, excellent behavior is expected of them at all times.

Mr. Smith is the 8th grade teacher. If you wish to review more information on him, please visit his personal page or click here.

For your convenience he has provided his classroom expectations sheet below. Please review them and bring any questions you may have to his attention.

Classroom Expectations