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  • 4502 Casey Road Brawley, CA 92227
  • (760) 344 2494

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Peraza TeacherSixth grade students will continue to build on skills acquired in grades K-5.  The course of study will be rigorous and the students will need to work hard in their studies. Reinforcement from the parents will make their learning experience more enriching. Math skills will move into more advanced understanding in preparation for PreAlgebra in grade 7. Homework and organization becomes important to their cognitive retention. Learning doesn’t happen overnight and your Tiger student will need your support and help in their journey to success.

Mrs. Peraza is the 6th grade teacher and she provides a caring learning environment for all her students. If you wish to see more information on her, please visit her personal page or click here.

For your convenience she has provided her classroom expectations below. Please review them and bring any questions you may have to her attention.

Classroom Expectations