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  • 4502 Casey Road Brawley, CA 92227
  • (760) 344 2494

Third Grade

Mrs. Jones TeacherThird grade students will continue to build on their learning skills. Students will begin the Read to Learn sequence and will be expected to come into 3rd grade reading with comprehension. Another new developemental step on your child’s learning path is accountability. They will be accountable for information they read and how they apply it in the various subjects as well as the completion of assignments when due.  Additionally, this will be the first year these students enter a combination classroom wherein learning independently is necessary. Your child will need reinforcement and support.  With your help they will be successful in their new challenges.

Mrs. Jones is the 3rd grade teacher and she provides a organized and enriching learning environment for her students. If you wish to see more information on her please visit her personal page or click here.

For your convenience she has provided her classroom expectations sheet below. Please review them and bring any questions you may have to her attention.

Classroom Expectations